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Microsoft games to be available on GeForce Now in new partnership

posted Monday May 22, 2023 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft games to be available on GeForce Now in new partnership

Microsoft has announced another new partnership for its Microsoft Studios games, both current and future: Nvidia. This new partnership will bring Xbox Studios games to another Microsoft competitor, GeForce Now. The partnership will bolster the cloud gaming platform whose business model was forced to change after launch, while also giving Microsoft another outlet for sales of games. Plus, it will look good across the globe - especially in the UK.

Microsoft partnerships grow

Over the past year, Microsoft has been on an absolute tear, working on new partnerships all over the gaming industry. They have made public commitments to bring games, those that it currently owns as well as any it acquires, to other platforms. In some cases, it's been with companies that they already work with, such as Nintendo. The company committed to making Call of Duty titles to Nintendo consoles, assuming Nintendo wanted the game on the platform if they were to acquire Activision.

In some cases, they have made commitments to companies that they have difficult relationships with, such as Sony. While both Sony and Nintendo are technically competitors of Xbox, Sony has been the company that has been unwilling to work with Microsoft. Sony famously fought the idea of crossplay between PlayStation and other consoles, though did finally come to the table. Despite these challenges, Microsoft has also made commitments to bring titles to the company's console.

This new relationship with Nvidia is just the next step in making sure that the industry knows that they are willing to play ball. The planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been rocky, with some governments signaling they wanted to block it. In fact, the UK has already taken steps to prevent the sale. But, it's not over just yet, and Microsoft is going about business as usual, also hoping that it looks good to those regulators.

Microsoft + Nvidia

While these companies have long had a relationship, this one is going to be different. Of course, Microsoft and Nvidia have worked together on Windows projects for decades - from video card drivers to AI systems. But, this will create a relationship in which Microsoft Studios games will be made available on GeForce Now. The brand has had its struggles since launch. Initially, the pitch was that any game you own could be used with the service. Then came the cease and desist notices from studios that had exclusive contracts with other cloud gaming platforms.

Shortly after, games began to disappear, making the service less appealing. Nvidia has been working hard to restore its catalog through partnerships. This new partnership with Microsoft Game Studios is going to be a big step in the process.

In the event that the Activision deal doesn't go through, GeForce Now will still be able to have access to games like Halo and The Elder Scrolls. This alone will be a great benefit to gamers across the world, but if the deal is completed, it will make GeForce Now an even more attractive platform.


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