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Xbox contributed to Microsoft's huge quarter, will continue all year

posted Sunday Jul 26, 2020 by Scott Ertz

Xbox contributed to Microsoft's huge quarter, will continue all year

With the world in a state of change, some companies have found ways to address the new issues. Microsoft has found two fronts on which to focus to make life easier for those who are now finding themselves at home nearly constantly. On one side, Microsoft Teams has addressed a large percentage of business communication issues. It combines the best of Slack and Zoom into a single product in a service that is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription that most companies already have. However, the entertainment division has also addressed an aspect of lockdown life with Xbox.

It's no surprise that gaming has seen a rise in usage while people are forced to be at home all day. But, Microsoft's Xbox division was accidentally prepared for this increase already care of Xbox Game Pass. With the service, you get access to hundreds of games on console or PC for a single price. This gives subscribers the ability to play different games on a whim, which can be a huge benefit when you're trying to stave off boredom. On the company's quarterly earning report, the company specifically called out Xbox revenue as significant.

But, it might just be the beginning for Xbox. With the newest member of the family, Xbox Series X, coming later this year, Microsoft is revealing more information. This week, the company revealed first looks at a large collection of new titles, all of which will be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch. These titles range from Psychonauts 2 to a new Fable game, bringing titles for nearly any player. And, with the game being part of the Game Pass service, none of thse new titles will cost subscribers anything additional to play.

Adding to the information revealed last week that Project xCloud will be included as part of Game Pass Ultimate, even mobile game streaming will be part of this service in the near future. Microsoft is going all-in on subscription services, which will regulate corporate revenue and provide huge benefits for most users.


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