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Microsoft commits itself to PC gaming with Steam and Game Pass

posted Saturday Jun 1, 2019 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft commits itself to PC gaming with Steam and Game Pass

It's no secret that Microsoft's relationship with PC gaming has been questionable over the years. More than once, the company has brought about a way for gamers to interact with their games and one another, only to see the closure of the platform. The Games for Windows Live platform was closed in 2013, to be replaced by Xbox for Windows, which Phil Spencer promised would not go the same way.

So far, the company has managed to live up to that promise. In fact, over the years, the Xbox platform for PC has expanded, bringing with it new features baked right into Windows. The Xbox Game Bar has Mixer streaming, sound controls, PC performance, and even social features available at your fingertips. After months of rumors, Microsoft has announced officially that they will be bringing another big Xbox feature to Windows: Game Pass. This service allows you to access tons of games for a single monthly price. It has been limited to the Xbox One, but will soon be coming to the PC. We know very little about the service as of now but will learn more details at the company's E3 2019 presentation on June 9th.

Xbox is not the only way that Microsoft is showing its commitment to PC gamers. Following in the company's current cross-platform push, Microsoft has also announced that all future Xbox titles released on PC will also be available for purchase through Steam. They have also been adding back catalog titles to the platform, with the number growing throughout the week. While this might not seem like a big deal, it means that gamers can purchase their favorite Xbox Game Studios games from their platform of choice, instead of being locked into the Microsoft ecosystem. So, if Microsoft changes their direction for their PC ambitions again in the future, gamers will still have a way forward.


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