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Game Pass Ultimate service could be the best Xbox service yet

posted Saturday Apr 6, 2019 by Scott Ertz

Game Pass Ultimate service could be the best Xbox service yet

Microsoft is making a big play for the Xbox brand in 2019, on the console, Windows 10, and on mobile. We've seen the company constantly upgrade the capabilities of the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10, with new features being added this week. They've expanded the reach of Xbox Live off of their platforms. We've even seen more details of the Project xCloud streaming service.

One of their biggest moves in recent years was Game Pass, the monthly subscription service that gives you access to over 100 games for your Xbox One. For $10 per month (and only $1 for your first month), you can install a rotating list of games, including the company's major titles like Sea of Thieves. It looks like some new features will be coming to the Game Pass brand in the near future if some credible rumors are to be believed.

First is Game Pass Ultimate, a rumored service that will combine the $10 per month Game Pass subscription with the $10 per month Xbox Live subscription for only $15 per month. That's a 25% discount for purchasing services that you might already be subscribed to. It's a great deal, and time saver, for those of us who scour Microsoft, Amazon, and more looking for a discount on Xbox Live every year when it's time to renew. Plus, you can get the annual price ($60 per year or $5 per month) without paying it all up front. It is also a perfect companion service for people considering purchasing the upcoming Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which will have no optical drive.

If you're also a PC gamer, Microsoft might have some good news for you, as well. Game Pass looks like it will finally be coming to the PC in the near future. There are no details on what this might look like, but Microsoft has been in the process of expanding the unification of Xbox and Windows gaming, so it should be no surprise that the service would be heading to PC.


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