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Netflix Looks to Improve Media Quality, Begins Certification Program

posted Saturday Sep 15, 2018 by Scott Ertz

Netflix Looks to Improve Media Quality, Begins Certification Program

There is no denying that Netflix is a top content producer. Between shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt and Stranger Things, they have established themselves as an absolute powerhouse. As they expand their catalog of Netflix exclusive content, they are looking for ways to ensure that all of the content that is created for the services maintains that high level of quality. One of the ways they hope to accomplish this is by certifying production equipment for quality.

The new program, titled Netflix Post Technology Alliance, is designed to help content creators find equipment that Netflix recommends for their production. The company will work with manufacturers to provide this certification officially so that manufacturers can include the certification logo on their packaging, websites, and manuals. Current partners include big names like Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Canon and Red, with more partners to come. They also hope to expand the program into audio production, dubbing and more.

Equipment choice is a very personal one for producers, and Netflix wants those producers to understand that this new program is not an attempt to tell producers what equipment to use. Instead, it is simply a guide to what equipment Netflix has had good luck from their own experience. According to the company's announcement,

Finally, this is not a prescription for which products to use. As an artist, you should use the tools that make sense for your production, are best suited to your workflows, and serve your creative interests. With that in mind, this logo is an identifier to quickly tell you a product has been vetted for delivery to Netflix, and that the company who makes the product is committed to ongoing support and innovation.

This is a good note, as most producers would not take kindly to being told what equipment they can and cannot use. For many of us, we have a very specific workflow and would not want to switch equipment on the requirement of a distributor. If you edit with Premiere, like I do, for example, being forced to use Vegas would be a deal breaker. It will be exciting to see how the company expands this program in the future, as it can be useful to producers outside of Netflix as well, determining which equipment produces provably great results.


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