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Anti-Cheat System Now Standard on Windows 10

posted Saturday Oct 21, 2017 by Scott Ertz

Anti-Cheat System Now Standard on Windows 10

Since the introduction of Windows 10, and the merging of Windows and the Xbox One platform, Microsoft has been working to bring developers to the Universal Windows Platform. Software written for UWP are potentially capable of running on Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10 IoT Core, Xbox One and HoloLens.

As for gaming, the allure of being able to develop a game once and have it available immediately on Xbox One and Windows 10 is seemingly a powerful one, but somehow it has not caught on with game developers. We have seen some developers launch universal games, such as Fallout Shelter, but even games that are available as part of the Play Anywhere program are not developed on the UWP platform.

Microsoft has been working to make the platform more attractive to developers by bringing new features to the platform. As part of the Fall Creators Update, build 1709, Microsoft has launched a much needed feature: TruePlay, an anti-cheat platform. The feature is available exclusively in the UWP platform, and can be enabled by developers surprisingly easily. In fact, a code sample is available on the developer's help page.

TruePlay can be triggered within a game at any time, meaning that developers can decide what parts of the game need monitoring. For example, a developer might not care if you cheat during single-player, but does care if cheating affects someone else's experience. In this case, TruePlay can be enabled only for multiplayer mode, and not used for single player.

The idea of an OS-level anti-cheat platform could encourage a lot of developers to embrace UWP. Many online PC games are plagued by cheating. If a developer can implement anti-cheating within their game with only a few lines of code, and the monitoring can be accomplished at a lower level than the developer themselves could accomplish themselves, it can make the development faster and provide a better experience for the gamer.


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