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Select Windows 10 PCs Get 4K Netflix

posted Sunday Nov 27, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Select Windows 10 PCs Get 4K Netflix

In July of this year, we tested 1080p Netflix streaming in-browser, confirming that only Microsoft browsers were capable of doing it. Both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer were capable of streaming from the service in 1080p, while Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera all were limited to 720p. As it turns out, that is not the only limitation that those browsers will face.

Starting this week, Windows 10 PCs will get the ability to stream full UHD, or 4K, video. There are some limitations, however. First, you must be using Microsoft Edge - none of the other browsers, including Internet Explorer, will be able to support UHD streaming. Second, you must have an uber-modern computer. In fact, you must be using an Intel Kaby Lake processor, known to the world as 7th Generation Core CPUs, which have only recently been made available. You will also need a UHD-compatible screen.

Obviously, just like when HD came to market, most content is not currently UHD-compatible. For content that is still in HD, that content will continue to stream normally (as mentioned earlier). However, for newer content, like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Fuller House, Intel and Edge are ready to bring you the ultra high-resolution picture quality now.

Check out Microsoft's list of compatible devices in the store.


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