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Minecraft Becomes Second Best Selling Videogame Ever

posted Sunday Jun 5, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Minecraft Becomes Second Best Selling Videogame Ever

A videogame that is capable of engaging people of all ages across all demographics comes infrequently. In fact, it happens almost never. Minecraft is, without question, one of those games. Children and adults have become obsessed with the digital LEGO, world-building game across desktop, Windows 10, mobile, console - anywhere you are, you can likely play the game.

That wide availability has led to an achievement worth celebrating - Minecraft is officially the second-most purchased videogame in history, second only to Tetris. One of the main reasons why this achievement is so impressive that Tetris has been on the market for nearly the entire existence of digital computing, and Minecraft has only been around for 4.5 years.

According to their website, which updates the statistics live, the company has sold over 105 million copies of the game across all platforms. That is compared to Tetris, which has sold somewhere in the vicinity of 500 million copies across a variety of platforms, with decades of a head start. Developer Mojang and Microsoft Studios see this merely as a challenge, and one they are willing to undertake. A representative said,

We plan to continue to add new features and support our vibrant, creative community on a variety of platforms across the world!


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