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Windows Hello Gets Wearable Support Through New API

posted Sunday Jun 5, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Windows Hello Gets Wearable Support Through New API

One of the most interesting and innovative aspects of Windows 10 is Windows Hello. This is the altered login system that can use a variety of different unique identifiers to unlock your computer without you having to type your password. Currently, the most common authentication methods are facial recognition and the old standby, fingerprint reader.

Microsoft has made available a new library for developers which gives IoT devices the ability to be used as an authentication method as well. Dubbed the Windows Hello Companion Device Framework, it gives devices full system authentication capabilities, meaning you can unlock your PC, make Windows Store purchases, login to a website on Edge and more, all by wearing your existing device.

Shown at Computex using a Microsoft Band 2, Microsoft says that it would be easy for a developer to include this technology on any Android Wear device, a Pebble, etc. The device can use almost any connection method to pair, including direct connection via cable, Bluetooth, NFC - basically any technology the device itself supports.

The ability to remove passwords and PINs from the equation is an important one, as it also removes the majority of human fallibility from the world of security. No longer will people write down their passwords near their computers or in their laptop bags, choose easy passwords or PINS to secure their computers. Instead, all you need to do is be near your machine - easier and safer for everyone.

It is expected that this feature will make its first public appearance in the upcoming Anniversary Update, along with a host of other new features.


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