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PlayStation 4 Available on Windows and Mac via Remote Play

posted Sunday Nov 29, 2015 by Scott Ertz

PlayStation 4 Available on Windows and Mac via Remote Play

The console rivalry is heating up again, and quickly. Microsoft has made some big moves with its Xbox One console over the past months, changing the interface for the better and adding huge new features. It seems like every time Microsoft adds or previews a feature, Sony responds quickly with the same feature and no timeline in which to release it to the public.

Microsoft revealed a while ago that, with the Windows 10 update, the Xbox One would get backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles. In fact, they said that any 360 title released under the Games with Gold program would be playable on both consoles. In response, last week Sony announced PlayStation 2 compatibility for the PlayStation 4. While the feature technically exists today for particular titles released as a bundle, a date the ability to play a wide range of games is still unknown.

This week, Sony has announced another new feature to the console: Remote Play. Currently, this feature allows you to play PlayStation 4 games on other PlayStation-branded devices, such as the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. They will be adding this capability to Windows computers and Macs, mimicking another new feature that came with the Windows 10 update to the Xbox One.

Just like the backwards compatibility, there is no timeline provided by the company for wide distribution. This potentially exciting news comes right on the heels of an announcement of an unofficial Windows app that already provides this functionality. Clearly, with Microsoft and third-party developers showing Sony up, the company has decided to take the story into its own hands. The real question is, can Sony implement this well, or will it be a rush job?


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