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T-Mobile Lets You Free Roam in 100 International Countries

posted Sunday Oct 13, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

T-Mobile Lets You Free Roam in 100 International Countries

T-Mobile has been a very interesting company to follow for the past couple of years. Through show-boating fake 4G networks, buying MetroPCS to have a real 4G network, shutting down call centers, almost being merged with AT&T and then being denied to merge with AT&T, the company has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. So this week would be no exception as T-Mobile makes another announcement to keep the ball rolling, this time on the international level.

Aside from its announcement of "nationwide 4G LTE," T-Mobile also announced that it will allow its customers to roam across the world and consume an unlimited amount of data at no extra charge. T-Mobile said that with this addition of over 100 countries being included in this global-wide coverage, it now has a larger "home" data coverage area than AT&T and Verizon combined.

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US, said,

The cost of staying connected across borders is completely crazy. Today's phones are designed to work around the world, but we're forced to pay insanely inflated international connectivity fees to actually use them. You can't leave the country without coming home to bill shock. So we're making the world your network - at no extra cost.

This addition of free roaming will be included in Simple Choice and New Classic plans starting on October 20th. Of course, there is a small catch. Customers using data abroad will be limited to speeds of 128Kbps or 2G speeds, but in most cases, that speed is good enough to download a few emails and browse the simpler pages on the Web. For those wishing to make calls while travelling the seven seas, T-Mobile will only charge customers 20 cents per minute on voice in these 100-plus "Simple Global" countries. The good news is that there is no charge to send text or picture messages to any mobile number while in the Simple Global countries.

For those wanting higher speeds, T-Mobile will be offering ala carte plans to accommodate. 100MB of faster speeds for one day will be $15, a seven day 200MB pass is $25 and a fourteen day 500MB pass runs $50. There is no word on how much faster the speeds will be on those passes.

While this news is great for T-Mobile customers, I'd be curious to know how many business and international travelers are actually using T-Mobile as their mobile provider. Regardless, this is probably able to be done thanks to T-Mobile's sudden influx of cash due to the failed AT&T merger, so they can probably spend more to make these offers and make the brand look more attractive to customers other than the pre-paid market.


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