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Respawn Shows off Titanfall, Xbox Exclusive FPS

posted Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Respawn Shows off Titanfall, Xbox Exclusive FPS

Since Activision fired the Infinity Ward founders, who went off and formed Respawn Entertainment, the newly formed company has been pretty quiet. The only real news out of the company was the unsurprising news that they had partnered with Electronic Arts to publish their upcoming title.

Well, it is time to take a look at the title, named Titanfall, here at EA's press conference. The game is, as expected, a first person shooter, as that is what Jason West and Vince Zampella do best. The game is not what any of us would consider to be "modern" warfare, as the opening sequence took place on a hover ship and our commander, as it seems, is in a mech suit. We also seem to have long-fall boots, or an equivalent, paired with jetpacks. Another expected departure from their norm.

The ability to jump into one of these mech suits, known as a Titan, is an interesting gameplay mechanic. Obviously the Titan has a lot more power than a standard person would, but it is huge and cannot fit everywhere you might need to go. You also don't have the overall mobility you would have without it, giving you reasons to both wear and not wear these suits.

What is no departure for Jason and Vince is the sprawling and beautiful map. The world is immersive and realistic and incredibly detailed, which is something the Call of Duty franchise was known for before their termination. Whether or not you are into the FPS genre, there is no doubt that this title is a perfect way for Respawn to enter the market.

The game comes exclusively to Xbox One in Spring 2014.


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