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Fitbug Sues Fitbit for Trademark Infringement

posted Sunday Apr 21, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Fitbug Sues Fitbit for Trademark Infringement

Fitness products were a big thing at CES this year, and it you don't believe me, look at our interview list. One of the first fitness products I encountered was Fitbit, a company that made a small pedometer that connects to your phone. Initially I thought that the company name sounded familiar, but quickly dismissed the thought. As it turns out, dismissing the thought was the right thing to do, as I was actually thinking of another company - Fitbug.

This company has been around for many years, creating very similar products to Fitbit, including a connected pedometer. Apparently I was not the only one confused by the branding. It has become so common that Fitbug has filed suit against Fitbit, claiming trademark infringement and brand confusion.

It seems that they might have something here. It turns out that Fitbug receives support requests for Fitbit products regularly and even receives Fitbit media inquiries. Adding to the similar names and similar product lines, having a logo that even incorporates the same general shade of blue for the dot over the "I" certainly does not help Fitbug's case. Add to that the fact that their website imagery is almost a direct ripoff and you end up with a nearly slam-dunk lawsuit.

To check out the website imagery comparisons, hit the source link and let us know what you think. Did Fitbit steal Fitbug's brand? Answer in the comments.


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