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Regions Bank Forgets to Renew Domain, Claims Intermittent Issues

posted Saturday Apr 20, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Regions Bank Forgets to Renew Domain, Claims Intermittent Issues

As everyone in the world knows, domain registrations expire annually. Now, you also have the ability to purchase multiple years at a time, making the process easier for the owner. With most registrars you can even setup automatic renewals so that you don't even have to interact with it manually. Somehow, with everything in place to make it easy to avoid, Regions Bank, an FDIC insured bank in 16 states, failed to renew their domain this week.

On Monday, customers began complaining about being unable to access their accounts online and, instead, were being shown a landing page. A spokesperson for Regions Bank said,

We are experiencing an intermittent network issue that is impacting some customers' ability to access our web site…We are working to resolve this issue quickly and apologize to our customers.

Actually, what happened is your domain expired. It isn't an intermittent network issue - it is a billing failure. When it happened, Network Solutions put up a temporary landing page, reminding the company to renew its domain. In the late morning, the company finally renewed with Network Solutions, hours after the initial issues were reported.

If you are a small business or an individual, the possibility of a domain expiring are a little more expected. This, however, was a bank - the people with the money who control ONLINE BILL PAY that forgot to PAY their ONLINE BILL. All of this is pretty impressive. At least we have another 10 years before this is a problem again, and there is almost no chance they will still be called Regions in a decade.


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