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Amazon Makes it Easier for Apple Users to not Buy Music from iTunes

posted Sunday Jan 27, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Amazon Makes it Easier for Apple Users to not Buy Music from iTunes

This one is sure to ruffle a few feathers in Apple HQ. Amazon has just made it easier for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to buy music on their devices and they don't have to use iTunes to do it. Instead, Amazon has launched a special iEdition of their music store, with HTML5, that is specifically tailored to the mentioned products that will allow consumers to buy music from Amazon and then access the music from anywhere they'd like.

By visiting, iProduct users can, for the first time, have a specific mobile version of the Amazon site for them to make purchases directly, with songs starting at just 69 cents.

Steve Boom, VP for Amazon Music, said,

Since the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod Touch, a top request from customers has been the ability to buy music from Amazon right from their devices. For the first time ever, iOS users have a way do that-now they can access Amazon's huge catalog of music, features like personalized recommendations....They can buy their music once and use it everywhere.

Music purchased is now automatically added to Amazon's Cloud Player library and can be accessed from the PC via Web browser, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phone, Android tablet, Roku or even Sonos wireless players. Amazon's MP3 store also has recently been upgraded to bring the catalog to 22 million songs that are available for US users.

This definitely brings the Amazon Cloud Player into consideration for people who are fed up with iTunes or for those just entering the digital music market. Only time will tell if the company can take a significant chunk out of Apple's business, though.


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