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JJ Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

posted Friday Jan 25, 2013 by Scott Ertz

JJ Abrams to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

In potentially the weirdest news since Disney purchased the company, Lucasfilm seems to be bringing JJ Abrams in to direct the announced seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise. Abrams is pretty iconic in the sci-fi and alternate reality genre, creating the cult icons Lost for ABC and Revolution for NBC Universal. He is also responsible for films such as Super 8 and Cloverfield, both of which attracted large audiences.

Abrams has also recently taken the helm of another iconic franchise, and the one that makes this story strange: Star Trek. He is responsible for the reboot of the series in 2009 and the upcoming sequel later this year. Now, there is a long-running debate of Trek vs Wars, and I know very few people who feel OK with any mixture between the two (hence the massive failure of Enterprise). This decision, if true, could cut the massive success of the Star Trek reboot short by at least a few movies.

Abrams has said he has been approached to do the project, however, as a fan, he felt a little intimidated to take on the franchise. To be honest, I don't blame him. There have only been six films in the franchise, and only three of them have really been anything to be proud of (I'll let you decide which three they are). A beloved Star Wars film is something the original creator could not always accomplish, so for someone else to pull it off could be near impossible. On the other hand, Gene Roddenberry's original team were not able to continue making successes until Abrams came along, so maybe he is the man to pull this off, too.

So, here is the question: Trekkers, will you see a Star Wars film helmed by Abrams? Jedheads, same question.


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