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New PlayStation Store Follows New Microsoft Design Guidelines

posted Friday Oct 12, 2012 by Scott Ertz

New PlayStation Store Follows New Microsoft Design Guidelines

Sony has officially announced the design of their new PlayStation Store and boy does it look familiar. The interface is entirely designed around the concept of Live Tiles, the basis of the new Microsoft Modern UI principle. The concept is currently available on the Xbox Dashboard and Windows Phone 7. It started its life in the now retired Zune and will be making its desktop debut with Windows 8 later this month. Sony is not the first company to believe Microsoft really has something with its Modern UI. Google has implemented the concept in its Google Play store as well as YouTube. We have even seen Apple implement it in the iOS6 App Store.

The interface, pictured after the break, is laid out is a way that makes the store actually useful. The current store is nearly impossible to navigate, especially if your intention is to navigate backwards, so a change like this will make life a lot easier for a lot of people. The store is separated into the usual sections, with the addition of media content being available all from the same store. In fact, over 100,000 videos and TV shows will be available from the redesigned store.

Not everything is getting a face lift, however. Hit the break for that and a photo of the new store.

Seemingly the number one complaint about the interaction with digital content on the PSN is in regards to the download manager. Currently there is only one, unsorted list of every piece of content you have ever downloaded. For some who have had a PS3 since launch, that count could easily be in the thousands. If you want to find something you recently deleted and re-download it, you are in for an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, Sony has not heard your complaints and has not touched this part of the system. According to staff comments on the blog post,

The download list won't be changed on Day 1 with the new Storefront, but it is something we're looking to improve in the future.

Leave it to Sony to revamp something no one asked for and leave alone the thing everyone wants redone. Whether or not anyone asked for it, you can see below that the changes are certainly welcomed. You can expect to see this new interface show up on October 23. Have to hit the market a few days before Windows 8 if you want press, right?

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