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Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE in Four More Cities

posted Sunday Sep 2, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE in Four More Cities

In July Sprint turned on its first round of true 4G LTE towers around the nation. Soon after, more and more of their high-speed deployment was turned on and, while the network is faster than Verizon's 4G in some areas, it still lacks the coverage its red counterpart had almost two years ago.

This week, Sprint rolled out more 4G to more areas. Baltimore, Gainesville, GA, Manhattan/Junction City, KS and Sedalia, MO are now live with true 4G LTE. Sprint also said that more of Texas will get 4G coverage in the coming weeks. In Baltimore, 4G LTE will now be available from Fells Point, to Inner Harbor, Federal Hill and Pikesville, with more towers being powered up in the next few days. For my 3G users, Sprint still hasn't forgotten about you and officials have said that smartphone users in both Boston and Washington, D.C. should expect better coverage on their 3G towers, which means less roaming and quicker data.

Senior VP of Sprint's network division, Bob Azzi, said,

Our customers are enjoying new applications and devices that increase the demand for mobile data. The network build-out that today is playing out in four new cities will provide nothing less than a state-of-the art network platform for the next generation of customers. Customers across the country will begin to experience better 3G service on their devices and will be able to take advantage of 4G LTE on cutting-edge devices as we continue to launch more cities.

To me, it seems like even though Sprint's 4G LTE is far superior to that of AT&T's or Verizon's, the coverage is more important. It feels like Sprint is still lagging behind, even after being the first to roll out an actual 4G network (WiMAX), and that was back in 2008. Is an unlimited data plan worth it if you're confined to only 3G and/or roaming speeds? Some people may wait it out for the better network, especially Sprint loyalists, but others may find greener pastures, albeit limited to 5 or 10GB.

What about you? Sprint users, is it worth sticking around, hoping 4G LTE comes to your city two years after Verizon's already entered your market? Sprint said by the end of 2013, they expect to have their new LTE network "largely completed" but will also have improved its 3G service. At least they're not lying about their 3G network being 4G. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We'd love to have some Sprint users chime in.


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