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Photographer Adds Some Raspberry Pi to His DSLR

posted Sunday Aug 26, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Photographer Adds Some Raspberry Pi to His DSLR

With the emergence of micro computers rapidly increasing with each passing day, I have some news that makes the pirate's use of these tiny gadgets a thing of the past. More importantly, it's news that with make Online Editorial Director for LAPTOP Magazine, Avram Piltch, admire the cool use of gadgetry. It fills the complete solution of photography, from snapping the photo to editing and uploading.

So far, if you've wanted to work on photos, you'd need a camera to actually capture the shot. Then, you'd need a computer with an active Internet connection to edit and then upload the shot to where ever it needed to go. Wouldn't it be cool if all of that came included, and not in the way Sony tried to do it sans photo-editing capabilities? Well, David Hunt, a photographer in Ireland, has come up with the solution so that all of those functions can be done by creating a battery grip for his DSLR that has a Raspberry Pi embedded in it.

Want to learn more about this cool technology and see the innards? Click the break for more.

Hunt has created the Camera Pi, a battery grip which has the micro computer inside the base. On the outside, the Camera Pi rocks two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a video port, an HDMI connector and a GPIO. The enhanced battery grip, which works with his Canon 5D Mark II, still is able to hook into the bottom of the camera and the best part is that the gadget lets him connect his camera to his PC wirelessly. Once connected, the photographer can then use his smartphone or PC to remotely control certain camera functions, like snapping a photo. Hunt can also back up his images to a USB flash drive in real-time, remotely.

There's so much more to what can be done with this little device, if given more developer know-how and effort. Hunt says he looks to add a small screen, internal power supply and more to the Camera Pi in the future. So far, all of this has only run him just over $125 US. Hit the source link below to read his post on this really cool piece of tech. He's constantly updating his blog as his progresses through this cool do-it-yourself project. Are you going to try and build one for your camera rig? What other possibilities can you think of doing with a Raspberry Pi? Let us know in the comments section below.

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