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Battlefield 3 Gets Premium with Actual Exclusive Content for Only $49.99

posted Wednesday Jun 6, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Battlefield 3 Gets Premium with Actual Exclusive Content for Only $49.99

This year at E3, EA and DICE announced an expansion to Battlefield 3. When I say expansion, I mean they decided to stick with the game that brought them to the dance and enhance it like never before. Plus, it's not just another map pack with no other exclusives and no added benefits, like their competitor.

With Battlefield Premium, you get a ton of new features and a bunch of spread-out expansion packs that include more things than just a map pack. $49.99 may seem like an expensive pricepoint, but here's what you get:

All Five Expansion Packs with Early Access

Stand out with Exclusive in-game items

Powerful New Features

Exclusive Online Double XP Events

Insider Tactics from DICE

In total, you get access to 20 new maps, 20 new weapons, 10+ new vehicles, 4+ new game modes, 30+ assignments and 20+ dog tags. Is that more enticing now? We dive into the details of those points after the break.

We already have access to the Back to Karkand expansion pack, so for those who have already paid and downloaded that, it doesn't really help out the value having already shelled out $15, but like I said, there's more to this Premium subscription than maps. However, the rest of the packs are pretty great! PS3 users already have the new Close Quarters expansion, which Xbox 360 and PC players will be getting in just a couple weeks. Armored Kill will be available in September, Aftermath in December and then Battlefield's End Game pack in March of next year.

For the expansion packs,

Own all five uniquely themed expansion packs and play them two weeks early. The classic, reimagined and remastered maps of Back to Karkand; the unrelenting, fast-paced action of Close Quarters; the largest map in Battlefield history featured in Armored Kill, plus two more expansion packs coming soon! Get'em all and get'em at a discount with Battlefield 3 Premium.

So, while the maps aren't completely exclusive, they are discounted and available for you early. Going with those maps are the all new items you get access to.

Stand out with exclusive in-game items including the one-of-a-kind ACB-90 knife and a set of Battlefield 3 Premium dog tags. Further customize your experience with Premium-only soldier and weapon camos and unique Assignments.

Furthering the experience is the ability to now stat-track your progress like never before. Show off or reset your stats at anytime.

With Battlefield 3 Premium comes the unique chance to reset your Score/Minute, Kills/Deaths, and Wins/Losses stats if you want a fresh start with your multiplayer soldier. To further recognize your status, we give you queue priority into servers, more decals for your Platoon emblems, and the ability to save your favorite Battle Reports forever.

Exclusive Double XP events will also be available and you will have the chance to rank up faster than the rest of the pack with your Premium membership. Add that to new things straight from DICE like tips, tactics and strategy guides and that $50 will be well spent.

Still not convinced? Click the source link below for all of the details. Then, watch this video and hopefully you'll join me on the 360! I know, I need to get the PC version, too, but Ghost Recon Online has consumed my time on the big box.


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