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EA Shows Some Star Wars Love

posted Tuesday Jun 5, 2012 by Scott Ertz

EA Shows Some Star Wars Love

EA and Bioware seem entirely committed to Star Wars: The Old Republic and they showed it with the E3 press conference. Dr. Ray Muzyka, founder of Bioware, spent some time showing the crowd what can be expected in the future of the game. He said,

Our goal is to create a living service that's always on.

Fans of the game, and there are a lot of them, will be happy to know that they are committed to maintaining and expanding, and well as enhancing the experience. There are, in fact, so many fans of this title that it is the fastest growing MMO of all time. Because of that, there is always room for growth.

What does Bioware have planned? Hit the break to find out.

The first major enhancement is in PvP. The developers are adding new PvP zones as well as PvP ranking. I know that a big draw to MMOs for many people is the ability to fight other real people, so this is always a part of any game that can be enhanced. Rankings will also add a fun dynamic to those battles.

Secondly, a whole new planet will be added to the galaxy. This, combined with a level cap increase, likely in the 5 to 10 range, means more story for everyone. Adding story to the game is a big deal because currently, once the max level of 50 is reached, the story ends and you must complete daily quests to get some sort of variety. These quests have also been using a lot of text-based narratives, a departure from the fully voiced characters Bioware billed before launch.

Thirdly, the game will go free-to-play up to level 15 starting in July. According to Muzyka, "There has never been a better time to join us."


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