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EA Shows Dead Space 3 Gameplay

posted Tuesday Jun 5, 2012 by Scott Ertz

EA Shows Dead Space 3 Gameplay

One of the highlights of EA's presser this year was the announcement of Dead Space 3. This is a franchise that has had lots of controversy, including the "your mom hates this game" ad campaign. Controversy leads to sales and sales usually translates into likes, especially when the games are as good as these. Getting to see gameplay from the next installment is enough to get anyone excited.

In the new game, you will be joined by a new companion: John Carver. The addition of Carver also means the addition of co-op play. The game is even smart enough to adapt the story to whether or not your companion is controlled by another human. A scene that might normally involve a conversation with the NPC Carver might become a fight scene with a co-op friend.

Carver will accompany you through new terrains, including a frozen planet. This is a stark contrast to the usual setting for this survival horror genre game, the black of space. It is a good idea to change so much of a game? Will it still feel like the same game when put into an entirely new surrounding? Other games have managed to do it successfully, but many fail. From what we got to see of this scene in the demo, this will be the former.

Amazingly Visceral Games has managed to brighten the landscape without losing the horror or the action. You can look forward to getting your hands on this game February 2013.


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