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Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 Means Tears of Joy for Fans

posted Monday Jun 4, 2012 by Jon Wurm

Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 Means Tears of Joy for Fans

The Ubisoft press conference hit the ground dancing with Flo Rida and Aisha Taylor introducing Just Dance 4 amidst some pretty backup dancers. Thankfully, it quickly moved on to more interesting things like half-naked tribal women getting felt up by Jason, the main character of Far Cry 3. Dan Hay, the Producer went on record saying that "Far Cry 3 will change the way you play" and I agree that partial nudity has the power to do. However, I think he was referring to the game play and not sexy cinematics because this game in the series focuses on the freedom to explore.

Far Cry 3 is about the freedom to discover and explore and that's just single player.

Just what can you explore and with whom? Find out after the break.

Every island in the archipelago is fully explorable, something that existing fans and newcomers to the series will equally enjoy. We found out more about the latter part of his statement during the Sony Press Conference when they announced and showed us the 4 player co-op, which was pretty great so long as you don't have friends who are touched in the head like player 1 was during the demonstration. Overall, it seems that Far Cry 3 made a strong debut here at E3 and wasn't Blacklisted like Splinter Cell. In this case, that might be a good thing. Click here to see what I mean.


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