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Manga Entertainment Gets Added to Xbox LIVE, Finally

posted Friday May 18, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Manga Entertainment Gets Added to Xbox LIVE, Finally

If you haven't been keeping up with what the Xbox has to offer, you've been missing out on some quality entertainment options. After all, Xbox has been all about entertainment since E3 of last year. Back in October, Xbox LIVE announced a new video lineup and we couldn't wait to get all of the 40 world-class TV and entertainment providers on our consoles. Unfortunately, it took a long time to get all of the channels actually added to LIVE. Up until December, we were missing over half of the providers and we had to wait all the way through April to get all of them except two, those two being Bravo and Manga Entertainment. For those keeping score at home, the guys here at the show have been very excited to get Manga on Xbox LIVE and it felt as though Microsoft was listening to our show, noticing our excitement and were just simply playing with our emotions by delaying its launch.

This week, however, we can all rejoice as Manga Entertainment finally steps foot onto the Xbox 360 consoles. When the email arrived in my inbox, even I shed a slight tear of joy.

Manga Entertainment on Xbox LIVE enables fans to watch full length episodes, movies, and clips of their favorite anime from the Manga Entertainment catalog included with their Xbox LIVE Gold membership at no additional cost.

Did you smell that sweet price of $Free.99, too?

Manga's joining of Microsoft's entertainment family comes after MUZU.TV and IGN both made quieter appearances onto LIVE in the past month. This brings the total number of different channels to 25. For my Bravo fans though, you all are still waiting for your weekly editions of Pregnant in Heels and Tabatha's Salong Takeover to become available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members. It's okay, from what I hear the shows are emotionally draining.

I, for one, am just pleased that almost every one of the channels finally showed up on the Xbox just shy of eight months since the announcement. I don't know what happened between Microsoft and the partners but I think to announce something like that and have us expect it by the holiday season only to have to wait until the following summer doesn't bolster much confidence in the company. It comes down to Microsoft having to lay out a deadline and if it's not met, then the content doesn't show up, ever. Of course, that's just my take on the matter.

At any rate, I'm excited now and am off to go watch some Street Fighter Alpha. Who's with me? I've heard that more and more people are watching shows and movies on Xbox lately.


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