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Microsoft to Launch New Streaming Service Under Xbox Branding

posted Sunday Apr 29, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Microsoft to Launch New Streaming Service Under Xbox Branding

Would you like a way to stream your music across any device you may have, whether it be Windows 8, Android or iOS? Would it be even better if I told you Microsoft may have something in the works? If you thought this might be something we'd see in the next few years, you will be pleasantly surprised with the news coming out of the Microsoft camp this week.

Microsoft is reported to be showcasing a new music platform at E3 next month in LA. Taking on the codename of "Woodstock," we are told that the service will take on the Xbox branding, much like the Zune rebranding we saw a few months ago. The great thing is that the publication The Verge has been told that the service will be able to stream across devices that are running on Windows 8, iOS or even Android and we will see the new music service heavily involved with Facebook and won't need any plug-ins to work.

This update comes after a few months of rumors that Microsoft was cooking up something new to continue their trendy, hip efforts. Back in February, Microsoft was working on deals with the big music labels and sources were saying we'd see the launch of whatever they were working on by the end of the year. From what we are learning now, we will also see something along the lines of the iTunes Match or Smart DJ feature to be incorporated with Microsoft's new project, something we hoped we'd see in Spotify and other new streaming services.

Perhaps with everything merging into the Xbox Live branding, where customers are noticing that Xbox stands for entertainment just as much as games, this might be a monumental success for Microsoft. Of course, there are at least a handful of solid streaming services out there already, so it will take a lot for the company to succeed in this space. Just like with Windows Phone, however, when Microsoft takes a bit longer to get into a market, they usually will wipe the floor with the competition.

No word on pricing or release date yet, but we'll keep you plugged in and bring the news to you as it happens at this year's E3!


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