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The Wonderful Windows of Woz'

posted Saturday Apr 28, 2012 by Scott Ertz

The Wonderful Windows of Woz'

Everyone loves Steve Wozniak, one of three co-founders of Apple Inc. Even if you hate Apple and their products, you can't hate this man. Every time he speaks, the technology world listens, because he is not afraid to say exactly what is on his mind, even when it goes against his former company, which it often does. Recently, in an interview with his autobiography's co-author Gina Smith, and Dan Patterson, Woz talked about his experiences with his newly acquired Nokia Lumia handset running Windows Phone.

He described the experience as being more like working "with a friend not a tool." Considering Apple's marketing is about the ease of use of their handset, this is a pretty big comment about the phone his former company is eating lunch off of. In fact, he said that it was "no contest" between Windows Phone and iOS. He added that iOS is "more awkward" that Windows Phone and that even Android beats it out in usability. He believes that the element that is holding back the platform is a smaller App Catalog. My favorite quote from him is,

I'm kind of shocked. Every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android or iPhone.

Woz never mentioned the version of Lumia he is using, but he is not the type of man to have a lesser handset, so we can make the assumption it is the flagship Lumia 900. He also made a comment on Twitter about wanting to get his hands on one. So, what does this mean for Windows Phone? I think the support of Woz will help the Lumia and ultimately the platform pick up steam for sure. Hopefully it will also help get some of the app developers to fill in the only hole he sees.

So, with Woz's endorsement, are you more inclined to pick up a Lumia yourself? Let us know in the comments.


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