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Facebook Timeline Now Active for Brand Pages

posted Saturday Mar 31, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Facebook Timeline Now Active for Brand Pages

Friday, Facebook make a pretty major move, introducing Facebook Timeline to all brand pages. Unlike personal timelines, which have not yet forced their way into the lives of those who do not want it, brand pages have all been converted. Perhaps Facebook learned their lesson from making it semi-optional with personal profiles, requiring them to now maintain two separate sets of profile code for personal pages.

The Timeline for Brands comes with a load of new features that did not exist previously. First, and most interestingly, is messaging capabilities. In the past, it was incredibly difficult to communicate with a brand in a meaningful way. You could leave a comment on their wall, but I can tell you as a brand manager myself, it is very difficult to keep up with what you have read and what you have not. The ability for someone to message you directly is a much more convenient way of communicating.

What other new features are available to Brands now? Hit the break to find out.

Apps have taken an interesting place in the new Facebook world. Previously, they lived along the left column, waiting for someone to click on them. Now, they live along the top of the page, making a bigger deal about themselves. The only time they take a backseat to their previous placement is for those pages that used an app as a landing page; that is no longer an option. The timeline itself is the only option for starting off.

The Admin Panel is now easily accessible. Seeing new likes, brand reach, who's talking about you - all available on the main page for admins. A quick dashboard is something that Facebook has really been lacking and it is a pleasure to see them implement it.

Of course, all of the normal Timeline-style features are available. Cover photos, which for pages allow a higher, more concentrated brand message capability. A profile picture is great, but a banner at the top of your page emphasizes your message much better.

Adding essential events to the past is also an option now, which is pretty cool. Founding, first episodes, things like that are events worth noting, all capable through the new timeline.

Do you like the new Timeline for Brands interface? Do you have a brand page that you are an admin for? Let us know in the comments section.


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