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Netflix Tells BlackBerry Device Users To Not Count on Support

posted Sunday Feb 26, 2012 by Jon Wurm

Netflix Tells BlackBerry Device Users To Not Count on Support

Netflix has worked it's way into the news several times over the last 8 months beginning with their price increases last July and their attempt to spin off their the DVD portion of their business into another entity called Quickster. This was a strategic move that wasn't received very well as around 800,000 customers left the service from July through October. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did make a humorous attempt at explaining why the changes were occurring but at that point the damage had been done and it was too little too late to save face with their customers.

This time Netflix has angered a potential customer segment by voicing their non-supportive stance concerning BlackBerry devices via Twitter. Jon Robinson is one of the few and proud BlackBerry device users left in the world who dared to inquire as to where the Playbook app for Netflix was. He also challenged Netflix by saying that it was overdue and there is no reason for them to continue holding off. On February 23rd Robinson got a response to his query that apparently didn't sit well with BlackBerry users. Read on after the break to find out what they said.

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Given the context, it does seem like Netflix's response was rather curt but there is a 140 character limit when communicating via tweets so it would be difficult to give a more refined response. That is not Netflix's problem however; that is a how to communicate effective via Twitter problem. Who BlackBerry users should really be upset with is BlackBerry because they haven't really built a case for Netflix to put resources into supporting their platform.

In addition to BlackBerry's BlackBerry is making efforts to have Android apps supported on their devices and the Playbook has been a huge retail failure. With a continually shrinking market share, BlackBerry users might want to consider jumping ship to one of the 3 operating systems that Netflix does support, Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android.


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