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More Media Partners Sign on to Xbox LIVE

posted Sunday Feb 12, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

More Media Partners Sign on to Xbox LIVE

For those living under a rock, this is the time where I inform you that the Xbox dashboard was revamped shortly before Christmas to include more media partners, features and enhancements that further helped them prove that the Xbox really is made to be the center of all your family entertainment.

Unfortunately, when the new dashboard rolled out, we only saw a handful of the new media partners we were promised when Xbox announced the list back in October. Shortly thereafter, Verizon FiOS, YouTube, msnbc, TMZ, SyFy, Epix and iHeartRadio was added to the LIVE community. However, the problem remained that about ten other partners were still awaiting US debut.

This week, Microsoft brought us one step closer to all of the content we've been waiting to see. What was added? We have the info after the break.

I am happy to report that Xbox LIVE now has five more partners signed on to Xbox LIVE and that these were names we saw in the "Coming Soon" section from the last add-ons.

Starting with Crackle and Vudu, Xbox users now have another option to watch full-length movies and TV shows on their console, provided they have a Gold membership. Best Buy's Cinema Now provides an additional option for similar content, except the app takes more of a Zune role, as you can rent or purchase newly released movies and TV shows. The Xbox 360 now has a movie streaming option for almost any subscription service.

The UFC channel has also ventured over to the 360, allowing fight enthusiasts to purchase Pay-Per-View events right from their Xbox, which started with UFC 143 on February 4th.

Lastly, YouTube's underdog, DailyMotion, is now available for your viewing pleasure so you can watch those college pranks and whatever else you enjoy to your heart's content.

So, where does this leave Xbox? We are still waiting on Bravo, HBO Go, Vevo, Xfinity and of course, Manga Entertainment to show up on the 360. The good news is they are all listed in the "Coming Soon" area. The bad news is is the last channel to show up to the party and AT&T and Comcast still haven't even gotten in the car to drive there yet.

Could they have released all of these at once? Probably. Should they have said that this media content would be launched around the same time as the dashboard update? Probably not. We do know that this is after the agreed upon "holiday season" (we don't count Valentine's Day in these here parts), so it's about time that all the content we were promised four months ago makes its way to our eyeholes.


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