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CES 2012 Tenative Schedule

posted Sunday Jan 8, 2012 by Jon Wurm

CES 2012 Tenative Schedule

Greetings all. While most people have overdosed on technology over the holiday 2011 season, you haven't, and our insatiable thirst for keeping you plugged won't allow us to either. January 2012 means another CES and this year we are coming in stronger than ever with plans to double our coverage from last year's show thanks to Allante Sparks, the newest member of our CES 2012 team. But wait, there's more. We are also combining our forces with the Tech Podcast Network, because we know that when it comes to this kind of thing, the concept of "too much" is irrelevant.

Just like last year, we will be doing a live show almost evey night from various locations in Las Vegas such as The Stratosphere Hotel and Casio. There will also be a wide variety of guests such as Avram Piltch, the online editorial director for Laptop Magazine, who you may know from The Piltch Point segment of Refreshing Technology. This will mark his first live, in-person appearance on the show!

Here are the tenative times and dates for the live shows:

Sunday, January 8th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Monday, January 9th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Tuesday, January 10th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Wednesday, January 11th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Thursday, January 12th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Friday, January 13th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Sunday, January 15th at 9PM ET/6PM PT

Since we can't guarantee that anything in the schedule will happen as planned, be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube so you can stay plugged into the fast-paced world of CES 2012. Also, make sure to stay tuned into the TPN live stream for coverage right from the floor.


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