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Sony Cuts Up TV Division Into Three Pieces

posted Sunday Nov 6, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Cuts Up TV Division Into Three Pieces

Guess what happens when a division of your brand loses money eight years in a row? You split it up, of course! That's exactly what is happening with Sony's TV division, furthering their bad year that just keeps getting worse.

This week, Sony announced it is dividing out their TV division into three separate parts. The hope is to see which parts of the brand are able to make money and which are not. On the matter, Sony said,

By dividing into three divisions, we will make clearer the mission and responsibilities of these.

Bad news has been plaguing Sony from the start of last quarter, when 1.6 million Bravia units were recalled when Sony discovered the TVs could melt or ignite. However, Sony's Kaz Hirai has been completely emphatic on keeping the TV division and trying to make it successful.

Perhaps after their Ericsson buyout they will see more success with decisions like this. Seeing Sony fail again would be very, very bad for the company


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