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PS3 Slim, Meet PS3 Green

posted Sunday Jun 26, 2011 by Jon Wurm

PS3 Slim, Meet PS3 Green

To be fair, the next version of the PS3 is still in the 'Slim' family and Sony has managed to trim off almost another pound from the CECH-3000B, 6.6 pounds in the previous model down to 5.7 pounds now, but more efficient power usage is where most consumers will find value. The CECH-2500B, Sony's last version, was rated at 230W which has been reduced to 200W with the CECH-3000B. Fortunately, the 'less is more' mentality for the PS3 Slim hasn't translated over into the included accessories that still consists of a Dualshock 3 controller, power cord, AV cable and USB cable. The 320GB console and accessories can all be yours for the low low price of 34,980 yen or $436 USD but there's still more noticeable changes discussed after the break. Don't go rushing over to Japan just yet.

The eject and power buttons will look a little different which is pretty minor. However, 2011 AACS copyright protection that Sony has implemented on the PS3, due to its Blu-ray player functionality, might mean a TV upgrade to go along with the new PS3 for some. Essentially, the component output for PS3 Blu-ray content will be limited to 480i meaning that HDMI is the only way to enjoy 1080i content from your PS3 and all other Blu-ray players manufactured from 2011 forward.

This probably isn't an issue for most and while inconvenient for some, everyone has been moving toward true digital audio and video for years now. Just like VGA, composite and component connections are slowing finding themselves going the way of the (insert name of any Sega hardware here). As for when we will see this in the United States, I'm guessing toward the end of this year if it will happen at all.


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