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Hackers Didn't Pass Up on Sega Pass Online

posted Sunday Jun 26, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Hackers Didn't Pass Up on Sega Pass Online

Coming off the heals of the PSN attacks that happened in April this year it's not just Sony that found itself under siege by hackers.

This month Sega experienced what the PSN did to a much smaller degree but the consequences were still devastating. Sega Europe is responsible for the Sega Pass online service that was breached, which resulted in the names, birth dates, encrypted passwords and e-mails of 1.3 million users being compromised. Luckily no credit card information had been stolen but the Sega Pass service has been shutdown since June 16th, probably to revamp security measures, and there is currently no tentative date for resuming the service. Sega representative, Yoko Nagasawa delivered the following statement on behalf of the company,

We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers. We want to work on strengthening security.

Guess which hacker organization has some involvement in this incident and hit the break to see why it might not be who you think.

Lulz Security is becoming a familiar name around the world. We know they are responsible for attacks against Sony Pictures and Nintendo, which is why their involvement in this is a little odd. As it turns out, Lulz Security might be avid Sega fans. I say this because they have actually offered to find and punish the hackers responsible for these attacks. Apparently Sonic found a way to inspire more loyalty than Mario and Jack Tretton, or maybe they just really like chili dogs. I'm sure we will find out why eventually but the point is that for whatever reason Sega has a powerful ally.


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