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10 Brands That Will Not Survive

posted Saturday Jun 25, 2011 by Scott Ertz

For the last few years, the guys over at 24/7 Wall St. compile a list of brands that they believe will not make it out of the next year. While we see lists like this often and ignore them, the reason I'm talking about this list is because of how accurate they usually are. In 2009 they listed Palm (joined HP), Sun Microsystems (joined Oracle) as well as a few companies that made it out of the list but back onto 2010's. In 2010, they listed Blockbuster Video (joined EcoStar/DISH Network), T-Mobile USA (joining AT&T Mobility) and Merrill Lynch (joined Bank of America Corporation).

Now, that being said, why is their 2011 list so important? Well, it's the guys on the list that make it important to those of us in the electronics world. There are some large, long-time names on the list and if the list is as accurate as last year, the technology landscape will be changing a lot in the next 18 months.

Hit the break to see the list and our thoughts on the members.

Sony Pictures - While it is weird to think Sony could fail hard enough to actually close a brand, this is the year they have failed the hardest. Sony Pictures has been in the toilet for ages and it is just a matter of time before Sony gives in.

Sony Ericsson - The combination of two mediocre handset manufacturers left us with one large, mediocre handset manufacturer. At no point has Sony Ericsson wowed us with anything, they have always kept pace. They will not be able to stand up to the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and HP in the next 18 months.

Sears - While Sears may not be a tech company per se, they have had a large influence on the way technology is mass marketed. Their problem was failing to understand that the Internet was here to stay and that printed catalogs were a thing of the past in time. Also, now being owned by K-Mart isn't helping the company's bottom line.

MySpace - I'm sorry, my_____. I apologize for my mistake. I think the new logo says it all - they have nothing going on.

Nokia - There has been a lot of talk about the demise of Nokia as of late. I think replacing their management with guys from Microsoft and the like is a good first step in a recovery plan for them, however. Plus, getting rid of Symbian and trading it for Windows Phone 7 will definitely help their sales. With that in mind, it still may not survive on its own. When all is said and done, Nokia may end up joining another manufacturer, or Microsoft may just buy it and make them into official Windows Phones.

Obviously there are other brands on the list, like Soap Opera Digest, Kellogg's Corn Pops and American Apparel. If you are interested in the story, you should definitely check out their analysis. It is definitely on the money for the most part. The only brand I take a little issue with is Nokia, but I think their analysis is still accurate.


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