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Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Move Another 3,000 and Symbian to Accenture

posted Sunday May 1, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Move Another 3,000 and Symbian to Accenture

Nokia has been making some changes lately. Among many, the two big things were that they were going to partner up with Microsoft and WinPho 7 and that they were going to stray away from Qt, which is the framework for Symbian and MeeGo. Well, this week we saw a large push towards doing away with the latter as the company announced it's transferring its Symbian development over to consulting and outsourcing company Accenture, who will now be taking over responsibility for the project.

Along with that, Nokia said that Symbian's team of 3,000 developers will keep their jobs, working under the new Accenture name. Sadly, CEO Stephen Elop's statement that there will be job cuts is holding true.

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Elop mentioned weeks back that there would be "substantial reductions in employment" for Nokia. We have learned that Nokia, along with the transfer of the 3,000 Symbian employees, will be cutting 4,000 jobs from their Finland, UK and Denmark outposts. This has been said to happen in rounds from the beginning to the end of next year.

Accenture's deal with Nokia does bring some light to the news, though. Accenture's Marty Cole noted that mobile devices are what they're all about.

Mobility is a key area for Accenture. One of our areas of focus is mobility software, where we provide engineering consulting and product development services to mobile phone manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and mobile operators worldwide. With the influx of highly qualified talent from Nokia, Accenture can help our clients rapidly leverage mobility to advance their business strategy.

The good news is that this isn't Nokia's first time working with Accenture as they've been doing business with each other since 1994. Nokia mentioned that this transfer of Symbian will actually help its Symbian customers, as well as in a way help WinPho 7 users.

This collaboration demonstrates our ongoing investment to serve our Symbian customers. As we move our primary smartphone platform to the Windows Phone platform, the transition of skilled talent to Accenture also shows our commitment to provide our Symbian employees with potential new career opportunities.

We have both press releases for you from Nokia about the transfer.

Press Release

Press Release


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