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Microsoft Tired Of Internet Explorer 6 Longevity

posted Sunday Mar 6, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Microsoft Tired Of Internet Explorer 6 Longevity

This isn't the first we've heard Microsoft grumbling about IE6, which is at least just as annoying to them as it is developers. There's nothing like designing a website for IE8 when up to 34% of your audience might sill be viewing it with IE6. It is also annoying when companies cling to IE6 for fear of their enterprise applications not working properly. I do recognize that the UI is much brighter and more user friendly with IE8 but that's still no reason to cling to the darkness with IE6.

Microsoft is on the offensive to rid the world of IE6, find out how you can help by hitting the break.

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Microsoft has launched an offensive to rid the world of it's once proud masterpiece once and for all. IE6 Countdown is the website that will help reduce the usage of a 10 year old browser to less than 1% worldwide. In order to accomplish this lofty goal Microsoft suggests you place a special banner on your website to encourage IE6 users to upgrade and educate your friends on why IE6 is a bad decision. In doing your part you should also feel obligated to tweet Microsoft about it and feel good about yourself.


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