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Nvidia's 'Super' Mobile Processor - Kal-El

posted Saturday Feb 19, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Nvidia's 'Super' Mobile Processor - Kal-El

Nvidia has been trying to make a real name for themselves in the mobile space and they have done a pretty good job of it. Their Tegra 2 processors are the standard in dual-core mobile technology, powering everything from LG's Optimus 2X to Sony's S1 PlayStation tablet. That, however, is not good enough for them.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Nvidia revealed the first quad-core mobile processor, appropriately named Kal-El. Now, we knew they had this processor in development but no one thought it would be ready this soon. It's not just ready, but it was on display, running a live device. Who needs a press release, right? When you have specs like these, paper just won't do the job:

  • First mobile Quad-core CPU
  • 12-core GPU with 3D stereo support
  • Extreme HD - 2560 x 1600

For more info on the new processor, including benchmarks and demo video, hit the break.

Probably the most impressive piece of information displayed was a Coremark benchmark, comparing Kal-El to the Tegra 2 and Intel's Core2Duo. Kal-El, as expected, performed more than double the power of its dual-core sibling, but unexpected is the amount of power it has compared to the Core2Duo. Intel's mobile flagship processor was stomped by Kal-El, performing more than 10% better. Check out the results:

inline article image

There were, of course, demos of games, because nothing shows off the power of a processor like a good video intensive game. High definition video, 1440p, in fact, can also push a little tablet to the brink, too, so there was plenty of that, as well. Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Will this processor change the way mobile computing works? Tell us in the comments section below.

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