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Small Xbox Live and Updates

posted Sunday Jan 23, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Small Xbox Live and Updates

Turning on your Xbox 360 console last week may have led you to notice a random, unannounced update downloading to your console. After downloading it, you may not have even noticed what was changed. This is a common practice that Microsoft does when it needs to fix some back-end things and minor cosmetics on the dashboard.

First, something you will notice is the ability to once again select "Boot to Disc" as an option. This was taken out in the latest dashboard refresh but now you can once again either start up your Xbox to either the dashboard or directly to a game that you have in the tray. You can access that option from your System Settings menu.

Behind the scenes, Microsoft fixed a couple of issues that will prevent users from playing modded copies of games on their consoles. They also added a few security measures to prevent exploiting certain games or hacking the console.

For, a few cosmetic changes were made. You'll notice that the Gamerzone is off your Xbox Gamercard. You'll also see that the overall design of the card was slightly modified and gives a refreshed feel to it.

All in all, not much was changed, but for those of you who were asking us and were curious, you now have the answer.


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