Episode 187 - Show Notes

Episode 187

Sunday Jan 23, 2011 (01:10:29)


This week, Oracle goes on the offense, Microsoft goes on the defense and Batman's villains are no longer on the fence.


Scott Ertz


Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.

Nicholas DiMeo

Host, Segment Host

With over ten years of audio engineering experience, Nick's addition to PLuGHiTz Corporation is best served when he is behind the mixing board every Sunday night to produce the audio side of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Piltch Point and PLuGHiTz Live Night Cap. While mixing live every week, his previous radio show hosting experience gives him the ability to co-host as well, giving each show a unique flare with his slightly off-center, yet still realistic take on all things tech. An integral part of the show, you can find Nick always enveloped in coming up with new (and sometimes crazy) ideas and content for the show and you can always expect the most direct opinion on the stories that he feels need to be shared with the world. During the few hours where Nick isn't sleeping or working on ways to improve the company, he spends his free time going to hockey and football games and playing the latest titles on Xbox 360. Email him for his gamertag and add him today for a fun escape from the normal monotony and annoyance that the Xbox LIVE gaming community can sometimes be!

Jon Wurm


Jon is a F5 Live co-host and UpStream contributor as well as the Chief Cash Officer of PLuGHiTz Corporation. We don't know how he wears so many hats so well or how he still finds time to feed his need for all things tech but some questions are best left unanswered. If you're up for a challenge go find him on Xbox Live @shinobiJon and if you figure him out...let us know.

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Small Xbox Live and Xbox.com Updates

Turning on your Xbox 360 console last week may have led you to notice a random, unannounced update downloading to your console. After downloading it, you may not have even noticed what was changed. This is a common practice that Microsoft does when it needs to fix some back-end things and minor cosmetics on the dashboard.

FAA Warns of DoD GPS Tests

Do you live in the southeast US and plan to use your GPS any time soon? Well, you're in a bit of bad luck as the FAA has warned that the Department of Defense will be running tests on the GPS system in the southeast. According to the FAA,


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At Taipei University, Remote Is You!

The gaming/entertainment industry has enjoyed a much wanted transformation thanks to technology like Kinect for the Xbox 360 which has taken an exciting step toward phasing out the need for an external physical device, such as a remote, to conveniently use another device. Personally, the thought of never having to locate, replace batteries and reprogram any remote again gives me hope for the future.

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Epic Mickey Sales Not Epic, But Still Pretty Good

If we dare to think back to 2010 for a moment, some of us will remember one of the happy times called E3, which is where Disney first debuted Epic Mickey, a game that had been in development for almost 6 years. For those of you who don't own a Wii console then odds are you don't remember what I'm talking about so here's a refresh for you.

News From the Tubes

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Oracle Might Want to Read This - Google Might Not

Google seems to be a disaster lately. Between nearly useless search results, the failure of Google Wave, their interactions with China and Android's Java lawsuit, Google is quickly becoming the joke of the tech world. Today, Google's defense against Oracle's copyright infringement suit was severely damaged when blogger Florian Miller published an article revealing somewhere between 37 and 44 files copied directly from Oracle with only the licensing altered.

Google's Eric Schmidt Resigns as CEO

Yep, you heard it right. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt is out as the Chief Executive Officer of the company starting April 4th. Co-founder Larry Page will take over the everyday operations of the company and co-founder Sergey Brin will assume the role of taking lead on key products and projects moving forward.

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Batman's Villains Revealed

It was just a matter of time before Warner Bros. would finally reveal who will play the villain/villains in the upcoming Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises. Oh, and who they will be playing. This week finally brought those hopes to life. Here is what WB had to say,


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