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British Columbia Pirate Has Yarrrr Games for Cheap in a Mall

posted Sunday Sep 12, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

British Columbia Pirate Has Yarrrr Games for Cheap in a Mall

A 31 year old pirate has been arrested for selling pirated video games at a local mall in Canada. The trusty Mounties seized several pirated video titles and equipment from Penguin Village Hobbies and Entertainment in Richmond, British Columbia's Parker Place Mall and arrested the pirate.

The investigation into the issue started back in April after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were informed of a piracy operation from private investigation firm IPSA International, who is a US-based firm that works for the software industry.

More on the craziness after the break.

Jasper Smith, the director at IPSA's Vancouver office, said they already knew the guy before this investigation.

We were keeping tabs on him. And then we found out he was active again. He was selling pirated video games. We believe he was burning them.

Allegedly, he was selling the discs for $10 each, with each disc costing him less than 10 cents. Apparently, this area of Canada has a piracy market estimated well over a million dollars annually.

Richmond RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Sherrdean Turley cautioned consumers to "beware."

This is an example where consumers are purchasing goods that they believe are legitimate. It turns out they are in fact pirated copies of video games. They want to buy the 'full-meal deal', but that's not what they're getting.

They (IPSA) tipped us off. From that information we acted on it, and we've got one person heading to court. We, of course, appreciate their co-operation.

The man arrested, who has not been named, is scheduled to make his first court appearance Dec. 2.


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