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Public Testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins

posted Sunday Jul 11, 2010 by Josh Henry

Public Testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins

If you've slowly become interested in Star Wars: The Old Republic by way of my shoving information down your throats, or if you were already following the game before I brought it to your attention, I have some great news for you. This week BioWare finally stated that "testing has begun" for TOR and that if we were invited to partake in testing we would have received emails and should be able to access the game immediately. They also stated that if you didn't get into beta on the first wave of invites, you needn't worry because there will be several other invitation waves hitting us in the near future.

There were, of course, some naysayers in the forums stating that we already knew that testing was going on, so this was a waste of an update. However, I beg to differ. It is obvious that BioWare would do in-house testing, as any other developer would. As helpful as beta's can be a majority of the time, players who gain access often are looking to just play the game rather than test it like they should. The reason why BioWare's announcement is exciting is because we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that players are getting their hands on the game, which means that we will also be getting a lot more information about the game.

Some information unfortunately has come through leaked footage. Yes, you read right, not even 24 hours after the announcement of the beta and there is already leaked footage out there on the net. Is there nothing sacred in this world? Now, granted, I am extremely excited to get my hands on the game but to basically spit in the faces of the people who gave you access to beta by leaking footage is just wrong. That being said, if you were lucky enough to get access to the beta, feel free to tell us, if it isn't a breach of the non-disclosure Agreement of course.


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