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Woman Sent to Jail for Texting Threats to Herself

posted Sunday Jul 11, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Woman Sent to Jail for Texting Threats to Herself

The normal person who was having a bad day or didn't like themselves would just be sad, angry or depressed. The normal person would maybe post a Facebook status about it or even keep a journal and write these feels of sorrow down.

It seems, however, that 25-year-old Jeanne Mundango Manunga did not feel any of those options were appropriate for her. Manunga felt that she should make people believe it was others who disliked her. Specifically, she decided those two people would be her sister-in-law and her ex-boyfriend.

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Because of that decision, she chose to inform three different local police departments in Orange County, California that she was receiving threatening and offensive text messages from these two people. It turns out that she actually visited the stations at least 19 times to finally persuade the police to file arrest warranted for the accused culprits. The sister-in-law was actually arrested three times and was locked up while trying to raise money to post bail.

As you could have guessed, the sister-in-law and ex-boyfriend had guessed something wasn't right with this entire picture and actually went to a local cell phone store to find out that Manunga had purchased a pre-paid cell phone under the sister-in-law's name. Tie that together with the fact that upon a detective tracing some of the calls and finding out they had been made near Manunga's home or workplace, the duo had enough suspicion and evidence to bring to the police.

Manunga was then tried and found guilty of three felony counts of false imprisonment by fraud or deceit and two misdemeanor counts of making a false police report. She was also ordered to pay $50,000 in restitution to the falsely accused. She admitted to actually sending the text messages herself from the pre-paid cell phone to her own handset!

I've got to hand her some credit though. Composing the hundreds of threatening text messages had to have taken some level of time, effort and thought process. Who knows what could have caused her to do something this crazy but what worries me the most is she is going to have to spend a year in jail doing nothing but talking to herself. I'm scared for her life now.

Photo courtesy of Ken Banks, kiwanja.net


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