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3DPSP2 A no Go for Sony

posted Sunday Jun 27, 2010 by Scott Ertz

3DPSP2 A no Go for Sony

Everyone seems to agree that one of the biggest wins at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was Nintendo's announcement of the glasses-less 3DS. Sony, however, was the banner-waver for 3D gaming as they have been in the rest of the entertainment industry for 3D content.

The surprise, then, will be that Sony has no plans to incorporate any type of 3D experience into their next version of the PSP, affectionately called the PSP2 among the industry.

For a company who has been touting the wonders of the 3D experience since before CES this year, this is actually a little shocking. A constant stream of 3D TVs, Blu-Ray players, a firmware update for the PS3, 3D games galore and even a 3D section of both the E3 and CES media events, but they aren't considering 3D for the PSP2.

What could be the thought process here? Is the handheld market not something they are focusing their innovation on? Do they expect to have already lost to Nintendo on the 3D handheld market? Did they think it was impossible to do with a handheld (until last week)? Or is this all an elaborate ploy to make us think they aren't doing it but will announce their own 3DPSP2 at the Tokyo Game Show in a few months? Only time will tell.

Well, time and your imaginations. Tell us what you think in the comments section!


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