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Fable Insults

posted Thursday Nov 15, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Fable Insults

In grand Fable tradition, insulting villagers in Fable 2 will once again earn you a fun name, like "Arseface." However, this time, they want your help.

Jump onto the community (from the link), and submit your favorite insults to be included in the new game. Here are the rules:

The insults should be puerile, but not too puerile, sound at least somewhat original, and not cross a certain line (as an example, "gobshite" has been rejected because, while it might sound funny and wacky to American ears, it's still a bit too strong for Fable and British ears). The thing to remember is that it's a way for Fable villagers to call the Hero an arsehole because they hate him/her and obviously needs to work for both genders.


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