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AT&T is a Big Bully

posted Sunday Jun 6, 2010 by Scott Ertz

AT&T is a Big Bully

What have we learned from AT&T this week (other than an easy way to kill a good thing)? Not all CEOs are as fun loving as Steve Jobs.

Steve loves to receive emails from people and respond personally. Sometimes they are nice, sometimes not so much. The other thing you can almost guarantee, though, is if you have a valid point, he will respond. AT&T's CEO, Randall Stephenson, apparently doesn't feel the same way.

Giorgio Galante, an AT&T iPhone customer, sent two emails to Mr. Stephenson and received a response back, but not the one he was expecting. He got a phone call from AT&T's Executive Response Team warning him that any further emails will result in a cease and desist letter. First, the fact that there is an AT&T's Executive Response Team is a little unbelievable. Second, they are threatening a customer for emailing them?

AT&T has apologized to Galante for the situation and he says he has accepted it, but he is still going to switch to Sprint and get an Evo. Here is AT&T's official statement:

We are apologizing to our customer. We're working with him today to address his questions and concerns. This is not the way we want to treat customers. From Facebook to significant customer service channels, AT&T strives to provide our customers with easy ways to have their questions addressed. Because of this incident, we are reviewing our entire process to ensure a situation like this does not happen again.

As a customer, would you take that kind of treatment or would you stop dealing with the company all together? Let us know in the comments.


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