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Learn Your Lesson, Don't Make Enemies With Apple

posted Sunday May 30, 2010 by Kyria Gianos

Learn Your Lesson, Don't Make Enemies With Apple

By now everyone is aware of how great the iPhone actually is...not very great at all. Finally, it looks like Apple is attempting to step up their game. With new software being released in June, the iPhone 3Gs will have a few changes. One of the big changes rumored to be in the works is Microsoft Bing becoming the new default search feature for the iPhone. Yes, Microsoft and Apple are not two things you would usually find together, but this could be good for Microsoft.

Last year the fight between Apple and Google broke out over the Google Voice App for the iPhone, which led to Apple's decision to separate themselves from Google. Google will obviously not too happy with the decision considering the majority of Apps on the iPhone are powered by Google. It was stated, "Over the last few months Apple expressed dismay at the number of core iPhone apps that are powered by Google. Search, maps, YouTube, and other key popular apps are powered by Google. Other than the browser, Apple has little else to call its own other than the core phone, contacts and calendar features."

Apple supposedly decided to stay with Google for so long because of the amount Google was will to pay, $100 million per year. Now that Microsoft is willing to fork up some money themselves, Apple has to make a decision as to which search feature to go with. We'll have to wait and see if Apple chooses to go with Microsoft or not. iPhone users will find out in the upcoming months.


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