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Google to Own You

posted Sunday May 23, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Google to Own You

Google wants to own you, that is a given. They already own your Internet search, your email, your videos, your browser (either Chrome or a plug-in), your phone and even your ads. What they don't own yet? The web apps you use on your computer, but they want to. How do they propose this next level takeover of our daily lives? The Chrome Web Apps Store.

Coming to Chrome users later this year, Google will be launching a store where you can purchase web applications, similar in style to the Android Marketplace. The difference here is that it will not be exclusive to the Chrome OS and the apps will not have to live only in the Web App Store. What is the reason for developing a non-exclusive store on the Internet? The ability to get more people to spend more of the time on Google's services.

If the images from Google so far are to be believed, gaming seems to be a big part of the store, with Plants vs Zombies from PopCap Games and LEGO Star Wars from LucasArts being features as apps available from the store.

Are you guys at all interested in installable web apps, or is using them on the web just fine with you? Let us know in the comments section.


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