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Malware Is IBM Compatible

posted Sunday May 23, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Malware Is IBM Compatible

With the common usage of USB thumb drives it makes sense that keeping them clean and secure in everyday usage would be top priority for individuals and business alike. It is certainly understandable that even with care bad things will happen from time to time. However, you don't want that to happen at a major security conference like AusCERT in Australia and you certainly don't want to be IBM who was distributing free thumb drives full of malware. Oops. Glenn Wightwick, the chief technologist for IBM Australia wrote a letter to AusCERT explaining what the malware is and how to best get rid of it.

The malware is detected by the majority of current Anti Virus products {as at 20/05/2010} and been known since 2008. The malware is known by a number of names and is contained in the setup.exe and autorun.ini files. It is spread when the infected USB device is inserted into a Microsoft Windows workstation or server whereby the setup.exe and autorun.ini files run automatically.

At a second glance, I have come to find that this happens more frequently than expected in places you would least expect it. Two years ago another company, Telstra, also distributed free thumb drives full of malware. Maybe AusCERT should be a little choosier with who it lets in seeing as they are a security conference. If you are one of the unfortunate recipients you can go here for more information with regards to removing the malware.


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