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Free Condoms Aren't Large Enough

posted Sunday May 23, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Free Condoms Aren't Large Enough

Free stuff is always great, especially when it's something you already want or need. What really sucks is when the product just doesn't quite fit the needs exactly. Take, for example, free condoms. Great idea, unless they are too small or of poor quality.

Students from the District of Columbia have petitioned officials to change brands from Durex to Trojan and carry larger sizes. Apparently youth believe that Trojan is of better quality than Durex, despite a perfect score for both brands from Consumer Reports.

The officials have decided to listen and change what they are doing. It is important to the local government because there is a huge fear of the spread of HIV/AIDS. Studies show that 3 percent of residents in the DC area have HIV, so they will spend a little more to help protect the citizens.


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