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Virgin Games' Big Announcement

posted Saturday May 22, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Virgin Games' Big Announcement

In the 80s and 90s, Virgin Interactive Entertainment was one of the biggest names in the industry, topping their achievements with Command and Conquer. After they sold to Blockbuster in 1994 for a whopping $250 million, no one expected they would ever be a force to be reckoned with again. Boy were we wrong.

In 2004, Richard Branson, the billionaire playboy owner of the Virgin Group, started Virgin Games which owns and operates prize-based game sites. Among the featured games is a casino, poker and bingo. Certainly not what Virgin Interactive was all about. Rumor has it that Sir Richard Branson himself will be at E3 next month to step up their game.

According to MCVUK, Branson has been developing a cross-platform gaming environment.

The new gaming service rumoured to launch at E3 will seek partnerships with leading publishers and content owners, offering new and unique opportunities.

Ambitious and global, the business is expected to run across the leading console formats and feature the most popular games on the market.

MCV understands that the new video games venture will be online-only and again challenge-based, possibly built on a technology acquisition.

This wouldn't be the first product of its type in the gaming space (BringIt), but with the backing of the Virgin name and logo, it could be the first to be successful.


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